Air Wick Pure Beach Escape Bondi Beach Automatic Spray + Refill 157g

Air Wick Pure Beach Escapes Bondi Breeze is up to 70 days (based on lowest setting) of freshness. Automatic fragrance delivery. Control the intensity by adjusting the frequency. Suitable for toilet, bathroom and kitchen.
Experience this fresh fragrance inspired by the beauty of Bondi's iconic surf. Dip your toes in the sparkling waters along the white sandy beaches, while enjoying the light sea breeze and the delightful scent of fragrant flowers. Automatically releases bursts of fragrance for a constant freshness in your home.

Read all information on this pack and follow instructions carefully before use. Use only as directed.

Direct device spray nozzle away from your face and pets at all times and during set up procedure below.

Retain these instructions for future reference.

1. Lift the lid to open (diagram 1). Ensure the control knob is in the off position (single dot marking). To open, hold the base in one hand and the top with the other, twist anticlockwise and lift.
2. Insert the aerosol refill in the device base. Place the top half of the device on the base ensuring the refill spray nozzle is facing out through the opening at the front of the device (diagram 2). Rotate top of the device clockwise to "click" into closed position. When closed the lines on front and back of the device are aligned.

Always direct device away from face.

3. Lift the lid open (diagram 3). Ensure the control knob is in the OFF position (single dot marking). Insert 1 AA battery (diagram 3). Ensure the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals are aligned correctly.
4. Select desired fragrance intensity (diagram 4) using the control knob (low, medium, high line markings). Replace device lid by gently pushing it down into the closed position. When activated, the device will automatically spray after a delay of about 15 seconds. If there's no spray, switch off the device: a. Check that battery is inserted correctly. b. Check refill is inserted with spray nozzle facing out and device closed properly.
5. With device pointing away from face and pets, place it in the desired position at a height of at least 2m from the floor level (diagram 5), facing away from the wall, food and surfaces. If product comes into direct contact with polished or coated surfaces wipe immediately with a damp cloth.

Note: Change aerosol refill when fragrance is no longer emitted. Ensure the control knob inside the top lid (diagram 4) is in the OFF position (single dot marking), replace the refill (directions 1-4 above) and select your chosen fragrance intensity level.


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Barcode # 9300701379087
Brand Air Wick
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg

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